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RVC, Chat Singles

Chat Singles for free no registration required, download the App for Windows, with our app it become easier to chat singles from all over the world.

RVC, Chat Singles has been tested for Windows 10 but any modern Windows should run it just fine..

RVC, Chat Singles is low in size so it is easier to download and install, just unzip the file and unblock it going to the exe right click and tick the box Unblock.

Download RVC, Chat Singles

Download Windows App

Chatting Single made Easier

Our Chat Singles is free with no registration necessary, you will find local singles or from all over the world.

Kind, very easy going users, our chat community is small but we got very good people that becomes friends for ever.. all free without registering..

So download out RVC, Chat Singles Windows App, sun available in the Windows Store..

RVC, Chat Singles Installation

Download the Windows App by clicking the link here or clicking RVC, Chat Singles then.

Click Extract All
Click Extract button

Once you clicked Extract, this will create a folder named “RVC-Chat-Singles” browse into this folder and you are presented with the content of the App see the picture.

Browser to the folder “RVC-Chat-Singles” in the Downloads folder, this is the structure.
App won’t run, but is easy to fix.

To run the App without much issues do this, right click on the RVC, Chat Singles.exe -> click properties another screen popup at the bottom of that screen there is a box that says

Security -> this file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer -> the box is unticked.. go ahead tick the box “Unblock” then Apply .

click the properties at the bottom.
Tick the box Unblock then press Apply

Once this is done the by double clicking “RVC, Chat Singles.exe” the RVC, Chat Singles would run without issues.

For Transparency and to be assured you downloaded the correct RVC, Chat Singles App the zip file has a specific hash code, this ensures that it comes from the website and that is tampered free.

Its MD5 checksum hash is 80c5abd55566f52532ef637b80116dc6

You can check the zip file RVC-Chat-Singles.zip by using a https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/md5_checksum.html

Thanks enjoy!