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Till You lose somebody you won't know how it feels,

 I pray you never do because I swear that it kills, 

Death leaves a pain that nobody can heal,

 but the love leaves a memory nobody can steal.

 Cause You are unforgettable why did you have to go,

 you never did wrong never hurt no body,

 tell me why god took you in a hurry,

 can we just talk cause I need somebody, 

where are you now I won't tell nobody, 

no, no I wont tell no body

but I wouldn't care how much I lose just for one more day with you

x0rawr0x Sep 22 · Comments: 1
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP

Key To My Heart
Written by: Aiden 

Late at night when i'm sound asleep

Into my heart you softly creep

I sit and wonder how it could be

How you have stumbled across the key

This key holds the secret to true love and much more

So take the key and lock the door

And pray that we never part

Now that you have the key to my heart.


Written by: Aiden Rose Gabriella Rodriguez at age 16

x0rawr0x Aug 29 · Comments: 5 · Tags: heart, poem, fromtheheart, love, aiden
Olivia Rvc_VIP
New to this site. Still finding my way around. If enough people want me to create a bio I will but I'm not going to waste my time if people don't read it.

So let me know if you want me to do one.

I have vids but for some reason they aren't able to be uploaded so be patient please. 

I won't communicate with you if you behave disrespectful towards me or people I care about.

And I don't initiate conversations so if you want to talk to me you will have to start it yourself.

I prefer chat in the chat rooms. And I won't talk in pvt unless you ask me first but chances are I will say no I'm good here in the chat room.

You can ask me anything, I'm pretty open but if I say I don't want to answer something and you continue pressing it I will get annoyed and potentially block you.

Don't call me babe, baby, hun, hunny, or anything like that. 

If you made it all the way to the end then well done and thanks ha. 


Olivia Aug 19 · Comments: 12

(herman) : @Demonangel21, keep quiet.  When you are standing in shit don't jump up and down03/01/2017 8:28:amDemonangel21 : @(Stonerchic), lmfao 03/01/2017 8:28:amIceIceBaby : No demon you just have a lot to say lol 03/01/2017 8:28:am( RendezVous RVC ): (google) left the room!.03/01/2017 8:28:am(Stonerchic) : @Demonangel21, fucking asshole03/01/2017 8:28:amiceheart : :musicnotes:03/01/2017 8:28:am( RendezVous RVC ): (google) joined the room!.03/01/2017 8:28:am(Stonerchic) : :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:03/01/2017 8:28:am( RendezVous RVC ): (Sohail4) joined the room!.03/01/2017 8:28:am( RendezVous RVC ): (Sohail4) left the room!.03/01/2017 8:28:amDemonangel21 : I do lol but that dosent make me a bad person or a trouble maker03/01/2017 8:29:am( RendezVous RVC ): count @IceIceBaby when the complains are backed up.. if she had screen cap then I would had to go alone with it..03/01/2017 8:29:am( RendezVous RVC ): (Sohail4) joined the room!.03/01/2017 8:29:am(Stonerchic) : makes you saxxy03/01/2017 8:29:am(Sohail4) : :dance:03/01/2017 8:29:am(Stonerchic) : go alone?03/01/2017 8:29:amDemonangel21 : For now on i will screen shot it if that makes u happy03/01/2017 8:29:am(Sohail4) : Koi mujse be chat karlo lol03/01/2017 8:29:amDemonangel21 : But u said u read everything u should know wat she says03/01/2017 8:29:amiceheart : be good or ill hit u so hard that not even google finds u :lol:03/01/2017 8:29:am(Stonerchic) : @(Sohail4), english pls03/01/2017 8:29:amDemonangel21 : Shush demon03/01/2017 8:30:amDemonangel21 : Ik03/01/2017 8:30:am(Stonerchic) : lol03/01/2017 8:30:amDemonangel21 : :slapdafuck:03/01/2017 8:30:amiceheart : :dance:03/01/2017 8:30:am(Sohail4) : Chic,I don't know English 03/01/2017 8:30:am(Stonerchic) : right03/01/2017 8:30:am(Stonerchic) : :facepalm:03/01/2017 8:30:amiceheart : :angel:03/01/2017 8:30:am(Sohail4) : :damnpc:03/01/2017 8:30:amiceheart : :damnpc:03/01/2017 8:30:amDemonangel21 : Anyways03/01/2017 8:31:am( RendezVous RVC ): (m18beh) joined the room!.03/01/2017 8:31:am(m18beh) : hi03/01/2017 8:31:amiceheart : hi03/01/2017 8:31:amIceIceBaby : So you're telling me that regardless of how many years I've been coming here and how I've stuck to all of your rules, and given you every suggestion I ever had in my tiny brain and how even though I'm somewhat well liked here...  By quite a few.....That a few screen shots from the one person who hates me the most could get me banned? Even though she's the priblem?03/01/2017 8:31:am(Sohail4) : Koi larki Bharat se chat karegi 03/01/2017 8:31:amIceIceBaby : oooh he's got my making typos 03/01/2017 8:31:am(Stonerchic) : you tell em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03/01/2017 8:31:am(Sohail4) : :nuts:03/01/2017 8:31:am( RendezVous RVC ): (m18beh) left the room!.03/01/2017 8:32:amiceheart : novell :yum:03/01/2017 8:32:amiceheart : :toast: :smiley:03/01/2017 8:32:amDemonangel21 : He hated me always have even we its NOT my fault he finds away to ban me03/01/2017 8:32:am(Sohail4) : :nope:03/01/2017 8:32:am(herman) : @IceIceBaby,  :hug:03/01/2017 8:32:amDemonangel21 : I dont know why03/01/2017 8:32:am(Stonerchic) : hes not used to strong women03/01/2017 8:32:amDemonangel21 : But yet he reads wat i say and not the ppl who starts the problem03/01/2017 8:33:am(Stonerchic) : like always03/01/2017 8:33:am( RendezVous RVC ): @Demonangel21 c'mon use some common sense I would'nt go and red 1 million lines of text really? Jeezz you have no screen caps don't complain.. 03/01/2017 8:33:am(Stonerchic) : why do you expect him to act different?03/01/2017 8:33:am(Sohail4) : Treat you better,babe  :dance:03/01/2017 8:33:amiceheart : :musicnotes:03/01/2017 8:33:amAllan_Poe : time to dig in my screenshot archive afk03/01/2017 8:33:am(Sohail4) : :nuts:03/01/2017 8:33:amDemonangel21 : Dont complqin?????03/01/2017 8:33:amiceheart : click to open this video!.03/01/2017 8:34:amiceheart : :musicnotes:03/01/2017 8:34:amDemonangel21 : And i have sense if more than one person is telling u how she is than thats a problem regardless of a screen shot!03/01/2017 8:34:am(Stonerchic) : lol @Allan_Poe03/01/2017 8:35:am(Sohail4) : :dance:03/01/2017 8:35:amiceheart : :dance:03/01/2017 8:35:amIceIceBaby : 12 registered users saying she's a problem should be worth more than 1 screenshot 03/01/2017 8:35:amAllan_Poe : i think i still have the ones of her calling demon an unfit mother and the likes03/01/2017 8:35:am(Stonerchic) : right on!03/01/2017 8:35:am(Sohail4) : Don't let me down  :nuts:03/01/2017 8:35:amDemonangel21 : And i have sent u a screenshot of that halley chick and u didnt ban her so wats the point????03/01/2017 8:35:am(Stonerchic) : no point03/01/2017 8:35:am( RendezVous RVC ): (google) left the room!.03/01/2017 8:35:am(Stonerchic) : pointless03/01/2017 8:35:am(Stonerchic) : void of a point03/01/2017 8:35:am(herman) : My pencil has a point03/01/2017 8:35:am(Sohail4) : Oh chic, r u admin ? 03/01/2017 8:35:am( RendezVous RVC ): (google) joined the room!.03/01/2017 8:36:amDemonangel21 : I have ppl backing me up thats enough needed03/01/2017 8:36:am( RendezVous RVC ): @Demonangel21 isn't true that the law of man tell if you kill then you go prison? even all your life you have same countless of life as this is an example.. are you exempt because you followed rules? if you want to follow them is up to you nobody forced you.. I am just saying how things should be ran.. I am not gonna start banning because some regs told to? would I ?03/01/2017 8:36:am

( RendezVous RVC ): @Demonangel21 isn't true that the law of man tell if you kill then you go prison? even all your life you have same countless of life as this is an example.. are you exempt because you followed rules? if you want to follow them is up to you nobody forced you.. I am just saying how things should be ran.. I am not gonna start banning because some regs told to? would I ?03/01/2017 8:36:am

was meant as an example as if even if you are a registered and someone get proof of misbehavior something must be done and @demoangel got everything out of context..

this to clarify what was said as example and not what @demonangel is implied  was said..

Base of this log and what I have as proof 

the following she will be suspended and banned  from the chat.. as I don't need this kind of drama..

  • Demonangel21 : @juzzy29, oh yea utan compared me to a murder yesterday lol03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • (Grizz) : @juzzy29, not that I know of..why ya missed me lmao03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • iceheart : :musicnotes:03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • ( RendezVous RVC ): (albi)left the room!.03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • Demonangel21 : @(albi), see i loves ya everyday :kissingu:03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • juzzy29 : @Demonangel21, what?!03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • Demonangel21 : Yep u can ask icey and allan 03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • (CAIN) : @juzzy29,  ?03/02/2017 12:18:pm
  • iceheart : juzzy, u been good?03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • (Grizz) : :rolf:03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • juzzy29 : @Demonangel21, what did he say?03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • juzzy29 : @(Grizz), so I have you on skype?03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • (Grizz) : @juzzy29, no gal I don`t do skype03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • juzzy29 : that should have said 'do I' lol @(Grizz)03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • iceheart : :musicnotes:03/02/2017 12:19:pm
  • Demonangel21 : whe was talking about moon and said i was worse than moon lol and called me a trouble maker and i need to chachange order to fit his need then he brought up murder in prison
  • utan Mar 2 · Comments: 5 · Tags: screen caps, and proof for banning
    utan RVC_ADMIN
    Hi guys,

      So yes we have WebCams that works, this is are the steps how to use them:..

     1.- The WebCam sharing works with Flash Player 9 or greater to broadcast your Webcam..

     2.- Any one can start Sharing WebCam, no need to be registered in order to use them....

     3.- It is called Sharing your WebCam, so the person that wants to Webcam start the first step..

    a.- Click the nickname you want to send your Webcam to then click "Share your Webcam with singles"..

    b.- You will get a message warning you that you are sending your Webcam Live..

    c.- a box will open since uses Flash Player you will be asked to authorize your Webcam and Audio..

    d.- The recipient user will get a message that you are sending your WebCam.. in order to work the recipient

    will need to have flash player 11 or more resent to see your Webcam..

    e.- At this point the recipient user will be able to see your WebCam, it will be his/her decision to send

     WebCam to you..

    4.- If you are broadcasting your WebCam and don't want any more.. then just close the box and it will disconnect..

    5.- Unfortunately it doesn't work in Mobile devices since Flash Player is being deprecated and support is fading.

    WebCam Sharing Multi group users..

    The new feature allows to Multi group WebCam.. and the steps are the same but you only need to keep sending 

    your WebCam to all the users you would want to see Your WebCam..

    Example, you clicked in "Share your WebCam With" with user 1 , the WebCam worked then .. you click the 

    nickname of another user, "without closing the first box you started with sharing" then with the third user and

    so forth, as many you want.. as long you don't close the WebCam boxes they will be seeing you and hearing


    All the users you shared your WebCam with , will need to send their WebCam in order for you to see them and heard them..


    utan RVC_ADMIN

      I have always knew that regs comes under guest name to insult and troll on other members..

    The only difference now is that the ban that is being placed is almost permanent and difficult to get rid off..

    So if you troll another user and I get to see you and you will get banned regardless u are under a guest nickname it also bans your registered nickname because the ban is on the connection not the nickname.

    So for those that hates on people for no reason whatsoever, annoys you the way they express or their ideas or just because lack of good English or anything else, bad news for you, u sure will be banned if caught. ..

    Also if some guest or regs come under different nicks that are know to be used for trolls like Rooty, or Legend be aware that these nicks gets banned on the spot.. and since the ban is by connection regardless u are registered or not u are all set and banned..

    So please think twice and don't even send me email apologizing or giving excuses you are Warned is up to you what happens from now...

    Finally you know who you are , please remember this is a place to make friends, to chat , and to have fun..

    We are trying to get rid of the antiSocials if you are part of the problem we don't want you..

    utan Feb 4 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5 · Tags: chat warning
    utan RVC_ADMIN

    Hello now mates,

     So I been getting complains about the lack of MOD in the singles online chat..

      Sincerely I was hoping our users could just ignore anyone trolling and or bothering in the chat but is not joy even 

      with the feature to ignore someone blocking the chats messages..

      Now I would like to post the requirements for the position..

        1-. Must be RVC_VIP to ask for the position.

        2.- Must hang around in the chat for lots of hours <<<< ----- ---- this is difficult

        3.- Must be fair and realize with common sense what the appropriate step to proceed

        4.- Must not be afraid to gag kick their own friends if they are been misbehaving or engage in fights with other users regardless they are Registered or Guests and or breaking the term of use.. 

        5.- This is a English website and chat room, but must use common sense when addressing other users that speak different language or don't speak at all English.. patience is the key , polite point out is a English site chat..

        6.- Cannot ban, can Gag or Kick though, after politely ask to stop the wrong behavior..

        7.- Be prepared because he/she will have many haters, even friends. needs to keep it cool in order to work as MOD

        8.- Don't overuse the MOD powers, on the contrarie be more humble and understand users problems and help when possible..

        9.- He/She must contact Administrator reporting any problem with the site chat or users... Should Help making the site popular  asking users to share links and to give ideas how to improve the site..


        10.- he/she must never been warned from the admin..

        11.- and that the position is not paid for.. you agree to help for free because you want to help the site , and chat..

    Anyone interested please don't post here send me a private email, others please post their thoughts if wanted...

     regards UTAN

    utan RVC_ADMIN
    Hi all,

    So it's been a long time since I used the blog nice tool don't you think?

    These are the regulations in order to register to RendezVousChat online chat rooms no download no registration.

    This together with Term of Use fulfill the requirement here in RVC. 

    1.- It is required to fill up the profile questions..

    2.- since RVC is free singles chat rooms there is no need to verify to you age with ID or Credit card.. so in order to know you are not under 17 years old, Bot or spammer you are required to upload a CLEAR photo of yourself , Face or complete body.. not retouched or edited at all.. this is mandatory or you won't get approved..

    3.- Answer the math question correctly this differentiate you from BOTs that register in the chat in order to post links.

    4. - It is up to the webmaster to approve or not,is at the exclusive discretion to approve or not..

    5.- This is not only to protect the site and you but to other users that like to hang out here in our site..


    If you account doesn't get approved it is deleted silently you won't get any email notifying you account deletion..

    The email associated with deleted account is released automatically when is deleted so it can be used again to re-register..

    Thanks and have fun in Our Singles chat rooms, online chat rooms , no registration chat rooms.

    life Rvc_VIP
    life Rvc_VIP
    life Jun 18 '15
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