Registered users trolling under guest nicknames. from utan's blog


  I have always knew that regs comes under guest name to insult and troll on other members..

The only difference now is that the ban that is being placed is almost permanent and difficult to get rid off..

So if you troll another user and I get to see you and you will get banned regardless u are under a guest nickname it also bans your registered nickname because the ban is on the connection not the nickname.

So for those that hates on people for no reason whatsoever, annoys you the way they express or their ideas or just because lack of good English or anything else, bad news for you, u sure will be banned if caught. ..

Also if some guest or regs come under different nicks that are know to be used for trolls like Rooty, or Legend be aware that these nicks gets banned on the spot.. and since the ban is by connection regardless u are registered or not u are all set and banned..

So please think twice and don't even send me email apologizing or giving excuses you are Warned is up to you what happens from now...

Finally you know who you are , please remember this is a place to make friends, to chat , and to have fun..

We are trying to get rid of the antiSocials if you are part of the problem we don't want you..

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ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 4 '16
margarette33 Rvc_VIP
Feb 4 '16
nice move utan... :)
amit Rvc_VIP
Feb 5 '16
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Jul 28
Yay Etan
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Jul 28
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By utan
Added Feb 4 '16



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brightsiderain Rvc_VIP
Oct 16
Hiyyeerrsss :)
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Sep 5
Good Morning Beautiful people.
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Sep 3
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