How the WebCam sharing works (multigroup support)? for those singles chats from utan's blog

Hi guys,

  So yes we have WebCams that works, this is are the steps how to use them:..

 1.- The WebCam sharing works with Flash Player 9 or greater to broadcast your Webcam..

 2.- Any one can start Sharing WebCam, no need to be registered in order to use them....

 3.- It is called Sharing your WebCam, so the person that wants to Webcam start the first step..

a.- Click the nickname you want to send your Webcam to then click "Share your Webcam with singles"..

b.- You will get a message warning you that you are sending your Webcam Live..

c.- a box will open since uses Flash Player you will be asked to authorize your Webcam and Audio..

d.- The recipient user will get a message that you are sending your WebCam.. in order to work the recipient

will need to have flash player 11 or more resent to see your Webcam..

e.- At this point the recipient user will be able to see your WebCam, it will be his/her decision to send

 WebCam to you..

4.- If you are broadcasting your WebCam and don't want any more.. then just close the box and it will disconnect..

5.- Unfortunately it doesn't work in Mobile devices since Flash Player is being deprecated and support is fading.

WebCam Sharing Multi group users..

The new feature allows to Multi group WebCam.. and the steps are the same but you only need to keep sending 

your WebCam to all the users you would want to see Your WebCam..

Example, you clicked in "Share your WebCam With" with user 1 , the WebCam worked then .. you click the 

nickname of another user, "without closing the first box you started with sharing" then with the third user and

so forth, as many you want.. as long you don't close the WebCam boxes they will be seeing you and hearing


All the users you shared your WebCam with , will need to send their WebCam in order for you to see them and heard them..


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