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Hello now mates,

 So I been getting complains about the lack of MOD in the singles online chat..

  Sincerely I was hoping our users could just ignore anyone trolling and or bothering in the chat but is not joy even 

  with the feature to ignore someone blocking the chats messages..

  Now I would like to post the requirements for the position..

    1-. Must be RVC_VIP to ask for the position.

    2.- Must hang around in the chat for lots of hours <<<< ----- ---- this is difficult

    3.- Must be fair and realize with common sense what the appropriate step to proceed

    4.- Must not be afraid to gag kick their own friends if they are been misbehaving or engage in fights with other users regardless they are Registered or Guests and or breaking the term of use.. 

    5.- This is a English website and chat room, but must use common sense when addressing other users that speak different language or don't speak at all English.. patience is the key , polite point out is a English site chat..

    6.- Cannot ban, can Gag or Kick though, after politely ask to stop the wrong behavior..

    7.- Be prepared because he/she will have many haters, even friends. needs to keep it cool in order to work as MOD

    8.- Don't overuse the MOD powers, on the contrarie be more humble and understand users problems and help when possible..

    9.- He/She must contact Administrator reporting any problem with the site chat or users... Should Help making the site popular  asking users to share links and to give ideas how to improve the site..


    10.- he/she must never been warned from the admin..

    11.- and that the position is not paid for.. you agree to help for free because you want to help the site , and chat..

Anyone interested please don't post here send me a private email, others please post their thoughts if wanted...

 regards UTAN

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The Wall

ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
Feb 1 '16
@sweetheart is back as Mod thanks for ur invaluable input..
DestinyD Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
Nicchi for president! :)
DestinyD Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
Common sense ppl duhhhh
ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
Ur very welcome
ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
U mean I didn't win
ariel Rvc_VIP
Feb 1 '16
kate_22 Rvc_VIP
Feb 2 '16
Miss_MayhemX Rvc_VIP
Feb 4 '16
i vote nini !!
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User Walls

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Mar 19
No problem
Chanlie Rvc_VIP
Mar 17
Thank you Utah
Axsaffir Rvc_VIP
Mar 14
"The only way for evil to win is for good [people] to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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