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Hi guys,

  So yes we have WebCams that works, this is are the steps how to use them:..

 1.- The WebCam sharing works with Flash Player 9 or greater to broadcast your Webcam..

 2.- Any one can start Sharing WebCam, no need to be registered in order to use them....

 3.- It is called Sharing your WebCam, so the person that wants to Webcam start the first step..

a.- Click the nickname you want to send your Webcam to then click "Share your Webcam with singles"..

b.- You will get a message warning you that you are sending your Webcam Live..

c.- a box will open since uses Flash Player you will be asked to authorize your Webcam and Audio..

d.- The recipient user will get a message that you are sending your WebCam.. in order to work the recipient

will need to have flash player 11 or more resent to see your Webcam..

e.- At this point the recipient user will be able to see your WebCam, it will be his/her decision to send

 WebCam to you..

4.- If you are broadcasting your WebCam and don't want any more.. then just close the box and it will disconnect..

5.- Unfortunately it doesn't work in Mobile devices since Flash Player is being deprecated and support is fading.

WebCam Sharing Multi group users..

The new feature allows to Multi group WebCam.. and the steps are the same but you only need to keep sending 

your WebCam to all the users you would want to see Your WebCam..

Example, you clicked in "Share your WebCam With" with user 1 , the WebCam worked then .. you click the 

nickname of another user, "without closing the first box you started with sharing" then with the third user and

so forth, as many you want.. as long you don't close the WebCam boxes they will be seeing you and hearing


All the users you shared your WebCam with , will need to send their WebCam in order for you to see them and heard them..



  I have always knew that regs comes under guest name to insult and troll on other members..

The only difference now is that the ban that is being placed is almost permanent and difficult to get rid off..

So if you troll another user and I get to see you and you will get banned regardless u are under a guest nickname it also bans your registered nickname because the ban is on the connection not the nickname.

So for those that hates on people for no reason whatsoever, annoys you the way they express or their ideas or just because lack of good English or anything else, bad news for you, u sure will be banned if caught. ..

Also if some guest or regs come under different nicks that are know to be used for trolls like Rooty, or Legend be aware that these nicks gets banned on the spot.. and since the ban is by connection regardless u are registered or not u are all set and banned..

So please think twice and don't even send me email apologizing or giving excuses you are Warned is up to you what happens from now...

Finally you know who you are , please remember this is a place to make friends, to chat , and to have fun..

We are trying to get rid of the antiSocials if you are part of the problem we don't want you..

Hello now mates,

 So I been getting complains about the lack of MOD in the singles online chat..

  Sincerely I was hoping our users could just ignore anyone trolling and or bothering in the chat but is not joy even 

  with the feature to ignore someone blocking the chats messages..

  Now I would like to post the requirements for the position..

    1-. Must be RVC_VIP to ask for the position.

    2.- Must hang around in the chat for lots of hours <<<< ----- ---- this is difficult

    3.- Must be fair and realize with common sense what the appropriate step to proceed

    4.- Must not be afraid to gag kick their own friends if they are been misbehaving or engage in fights with other users regardless they are Registered or Guests and or breaking the term of use.. 

    5.- This is a English website and chat room, but must use common sense when addressing other users that speak different language or don't speak at all English.. patience is the key , polite point out is a English site chat..

    6.- Cannot ban, can Gag or Kick though, after politely ask to stop the wrong behavior..

    7.- Be prepared because he/she will have many haters, even friends. needs to keep it cool in order to work as MOD

    8.- Don't overuse the MOD powers, on the contrarie be more humble and understand users problems and help when possible..

    9.- He/She must contact Administrator reporting any problem with the site chat or users... Should Help making the site popular  asking users to share links and to give ideas how to improve the site..


    10.- he/she must never been warned from the admin..

    11.- and that the position is not paid for.. you agree to help for free because you want to help the site , and chat..

Anyone interested please don't post here send me a private email, others please post their thoughts if wanted...

 regards UTAN

Hi all,

So it's been a long time since I used the blog nice tool don't you think?

These are the regulations in order to register to RendezVousChat online chat rooms no download no registration.

This together with Term of Use fulfill the requirement here in RVC. 

1.- It is required to fill up the profile questions..

2.- since RVC is free singles chat rooms there is no need to verify to you age with ID or Credit card.. so in order to know you are not under 17 years old, Bot or spammer you are required to upload a CLEAR photo of yourself , Face or complete body.. not retouched or edited at all.. this is mandatory or you won't get approved..

3.- Answer the math question correctly this differentiate you from BOTs that register in the chat in order to post links.

4. - It is up to the webmaster to approve or not,is at the exclusive discretion to approve or not..

5.- This is not only to protect the site and you but to other users that like to hang out here in our site..


If you account doesn't get approved it is deleted silently you won't get any email notifying you account deletion..

The email associated with deleted account is released automatically when is deleted so it can be used again to re-register..

Thanks and have fun in Our Singles chat rooms, online chat rooms , no registration chat rooms.

Hi dear friends,

As you may have seen , the spammer is now registering to keep abusing legit users that want to join and get friends in our site.

As a measure to try to stop the spammer, user registration has been disabled this to detain the spammer from registering new accounts..

There will be invitation only registration.. so if you are a member and you want to invite anyone you are free to do...

thanks for your cooperation, and as you know anything a spammer says can't be taken seriously...

Hi to all,

First off I am writing this small tutorial because there seems to be few problems with users trying to access the chat..

We need to know that the web works with something called JavaScript, this scripting language is what it gives life to the web , without it the webpages would boring and ugly unresponsive, more difficult to navigate , to give you an example a login page, you fill your form and click submit.. what happens you get a response from the script on the server, but the page didn't reload at all or refreshed.. No it was JavaScript and his friend Ajax both make the web what it is right now.. fun and full of automatic responses...

So let's get down with how do I delete my browser History, also en development called Web Cache..


Open your Firefox browser, on top you will see options function click on it.. you could see something like the image below.

After your click a new window box show up to you called "Clear all History" look for drop down menu called "Time Range To Clear" chose "Everything" ->>>> warning this will delete all your cookies saved website login and delete the cache history for any web page you have visited... see the pic below.

No on the same window you see at the bottom the button that say "clear now" , press that button and all history , web cache, cookies will be gone..


Chrome browser is even easier to delete , web cache, Browser History, or cookies...

In the address bar just type the following : -> "chrome://history" press enter...

Check the picture what you get, when you ran the command...

In the same window, click "clear browsing data" hit enter and all be done with chrome...

easy wasn't it?

Internet Explorer.

God I promised not to say anything about this Browser but for god sake .. this thing is the wort thing there is in the Web history.. shall I continue? nah let's get down to the examples..

Open up Internet Explorer, this example was done with IE7 , so somethings will be a bit different if you are using a recent Windows Operating system..

To the right side of the browser you see "tools" click on it you get a windows all the way down you see another option called "Internet Options" see the pic..

After you click "internet Options" a new window pop ups .. now look for another option in the same windows box that is called "Browsing history" no there is an option called "delete" click on that and another box windows popups.. see the pic..

Last step is clicking the option "Delete all" and wait for it to do its thing...

So there is it... That covers the most important browser there is in the world, well at least the ones that takes a great shuck of the web..

If all fails

If you cannot sort this out doing what I have posted here, please pay attention on the error you may get.. in the chat... Remember if you registered and you are logged.. make sure you clicked in "remember me box" so the chat can pick you nickname and use it in the system..  

Please don't hesitate sending me an email.. or a private mail.. or using the contact form.. on top..

Regards to all.

Lately we been attacked by some individual, in order to minimize this attacks we have placed some AntiSpam measures in the chat system, The spammer is using the Guest login abuse the system, so some restrictions has been placed for guest users..

You can still login as guest but if you don't want to have any restrictions please make an account since is easy and fast..

We do this to protect registered user that doesn't deserve to be insulted with spam where they want to have a good time without interruptions..

I hope you understand the new measures and support us on this approach..

regards UTAN    

I am been working in the performances of this CMS system, installed some caching to speed up browsing for users, Friskers if you read this would you comment on this regard?

How is the speed for you? slow, average , it is not going to be as fast as the page we know of rendezvous since this is a bit more sophisticated software..

Your comments are welcome..
Welcome to the new RendeZvousChat, is all about chatting and dating hope you like the new face and new features..
Now if you could check the new features, I don't even understand some of them.

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