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DestinyD Rvc_VIP
May 6 '17
HoustonM : idc i love pooh
heleNmyers RVC_NEWBIE
Dec 6 '16
nice picture
dodgegirl23 RVC_NEWBIE
Nov 20 '16
5 stars
DestinyD Rvc_VIP
Sep 29 '16
5 stars lol
justClaire Rvc_VIP
Jul 22 '16
Howdie..how things going on?
handsome202 RVC_NEWBIE
Aug 29 '15
i am Christiana,i just want to be your friend,contact me at (christiana2022@gmail.com) so that we can exchange photos and also get to know more about each other.
justClaire Rvc_VIP
Jul 8 '15


Axsaffir Rvc_VIP
Scorpion6 RVC_NEWBIE
HeyJessie Rvc_VIP
linder111 RVC_NEWBIE
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Ella30 RVC_MOD
Feb 16
I sent you an email
Feb 16
why wouldn't someone leave a message, I had no idea how long was down.!
ChatNinja Rvc_VIP
Feb 16
I'm too tight to buy my own.. ha
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