Developer, Learned a bit PHP and Javacript. I like Frameworks as Mootools , and now Node.js , main chat is programmed with Socket.io and Node.js
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Chanlie Rvc_VIP
Apr 22
am not sure if I should comm here with u utah
shygal Rvc_VIP
Apr 14
hi utan can I be able to delete my account?
wezzo81 Rvc_VIP
Feb 26
utan did you see my message
amit Rvc_VIP
Jan 17
Whenever i type this message pops up. Why am i not allowed to type.
samantha26 Rvc_VIP
Nov 3 '16
Hi utan. How do I add someone as a friend? I don't see any buttons for that. Is it because I am a newbie still and not a VIP? Thanks!
4Princess2Seer0 RVC_NEWBIE
Oct 30 '16
Hey excuse me utan? My screenname is too large to use the chat room and I was wondering if you could edit it and shorten it to just Seer
amit Rvc_VIP
Aug 28 '16
Kindly do something about datchief. He is saying bad things about disabled people
IceIceBaby Rvc_VIP
Aug 8 '16
Slab's name seems to be stuck on the user list. Would you be so kind?
jcvamp Rvc_VIP
Aug 1 '16
jcvamp Rvc_VIP
Aug 1 '16
Correction, nate787.
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brightsiderain Rvc_VIP
Oct 16
Hiyyeerrsss :)
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Sep 5
Good Morning Beautiful people.
x0rawr0x Rvc_VIP
Sep 3
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