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I’; m looking for a young woman who won’ t cheat on me for other men someone who is nice and is a Christian and someone with no criminal record and never does drugs or alcohol someone who is a follower in Christ someone is friendly and promises to protect me and support thier husband in marriage and grow old with me and someone to love me forever in eternity in heaven.

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I’m alec konkle I’m 32 years of age I’m native American Indian born in 1989 my parents divorced in 1992 my mom moved to Oklahoma my dad was a police officer for Madera police department for 8 years grandma was a dispatcher for Madera shireff and Fresno pd.  I had a great education I had a rough childhood I was abused by my mother and husband’s 2 and 3 . I graduated liberty high school in 2008 I graduated Fresno city college in 2011, I have a brain tumor and seizures and I have autism,   I was diagnosed in 1990 at 6 months, My parents met eachother in 1988 at Costco where they both worked, my mom worked retail and my dad worked the food court, And I m the oldest in the family I lost my grandpa of alzhiemers and dementia in 2016 I lost my great aunt and uncle from friant in 2020 . I lost 3 cousins 1 In 2002 of a car accident 1 in 2005 of a homicide and 1 in 2017 of a stroke,