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I am not afraid of challenges in life and yes, I am willing to relocate, if you are the one! Im not looking for perfection, just a good blend of each of our own imperfections! Honesty, loyalty, and kindness are important. I am not searching for wealth or stunning good looks. I am searching for a big heart and a good brain and if you have a sense of humor, that will be great! I am looking for someone to share with me the simple pleasures of life, someone with whom I can hold an intelligent conversation or discuss a subject on which we dont agree (although I am always right) and even so, we enjoy each others company. I dont like cruel, inconsiderate or rude people. I am looking for a compassionate and open-minded man. My philosophy is converse on the phone, see if we have common interests, plan a time to meet in person to see if there is chemistry. Meet for coffee or a cocktail. Through this type of venue, the chemistry test is crucial. We can text and email all day long, but we wont know until we meet in person!