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combination of emotions and features of nature. Its safe to say I’m a very sincere and faithful woman, who loves to laugh but shy at times. I’m not afraid of difficulties, but sometimes I need support and attention, like any lady. My soul is fragile. I know life can be difficult sometimes so i take things one step at a time, I know the value of life. I respect wisdom and mutual understanding, I’m a very gentle and kind woman, but I’m as well a proud and strong-willed man. I respect people completely, and I never try to change people. I’m a fine cook and if we someday get a chance to share a meal, i cook nice foods which I cook superbly, you will understand that the way to a woman’s heart can change direction and quite easily can be paved through his stomach. Lol.. I value true friendship. I appreciate fidelity, honesty and trust. Little things capture my heart not less than taking me out to dinner, bewitching blinking of candle; a slow dance in the middle of the kitchen… I believe in love and my heart is open for love.