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Hey every1 my name is kareena and im 16 from LA, Cali. Im just ehre to chat with like minded people who share same intrests as i do. My sister is Zoey and she is 13 she use this account aswel sometimes.  Me my sister and our mom has been in a relationship for a long time after our dad divorced mom when we were small. Since then we have been in a lesbian incest relationship. My mom made love to me when i was 12 and then my sister when she was 10. Since then we been together everyday. We are memebrs of incest communities online and real life and wanna chat and meet similer people. Add me on skype if u wanna talk, maybe have some fun too lol. We are looking for couples and men and girls of any age. My skype is kareena.555 hope to hear from u all. I have uploaded pics of us and also we will add nude pics and stuf soon too.. My number is 612 886 4930 text me anytime. Also my little sisters skype is zoeylovesroses872 Add us and we can chat when ever we are free lol.