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My name is kasandra umar  i did my nursing course in Bradford later go back to syria to pratice before the war started in syria  I’m from Syria, I left Syria because of the on going war crisis that has been rolling over few years now killing and burning houses and properties, i left Syria to secure my life at a refugee Camp In Benin were other  Refugee people are staying for safety, I missed the first barged in  Jordan and Turkey. the Authorities  brought us here in Benin at New Camp, I’m a nurse by profession, I need  a good man who can accept my little situation to start new life again, Syria as a Country has been devastated by the rebels the rebels shot my dad in his forehead i ran through the back door for escape of my life  my late father do with petrol chemicals with arab investors before he died kindly google the city of aleppo syria and see what the rebels has done millions has died millions has gone any time i remember the war in syria it hurts my heart so much and it pains, tears rolls from my eyes   I can work as a Nurse, when i find a place to start new life again I will be the happiest lady on earth,   i’m heart broken by the war crisis in Syria, as you can see I’m trying to be my self at this point despite my career i still wish and have the dream to work has a nurse  I’m still much alive to start new life and settle down as a lady,   I like reading and playing Tennis also Swimming,    I’m good in Surgery and been a midwife i can deliver a woman from child delivery