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I’m originally from New York City, Born in a small town called Middle town. I’m American, My Dad was born and raised in Washington D.C. While My mom was from East London, England, and I lived in London until I was through with my high school level, before moving to the States with my parents, .I live in, Kentucky KY united state But I’m presently at my place of Work here in Central Coast of Alaska’s Arctic Ocean




What’s your present Marital Status Do you have kids of your own


I am a widower for 8 years now. I lost my wife and My First Daughter Chloe same day. They were Vicitims of the Plane Crash in Kingston, Jamaica, N.Y on 22 December 2009 When the aircraft landed during a rainstorm, and was unable to stop on the runway. . They were returning from a visit trip to my late wife home town in New York. It was so hard for me to accept the fact that they were no more, at that moment, I couldn’t believe it. But that’s life for you my dear, I realized I had to be strong for little Angel Oshyn. She’s my joy and happiness, I love her very much with all my Heart