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I am a woman who desires a serious and long lasting relationship with a man.I have never been and I will never be in the game of love.I have good communication skills that is important in a relationship I am trustworthy, respectful, honest, caring, loving, understanding, faithful, a one man woman, .and I am willing to work out a happy, harmonious, and endless relationship with my man.I am a woman with upright values that are rarely found in other women.Values that I have nurtured in my entire life.That’s the real beauty of a woman, it’s the beautiful heart that is beating inside of her.I will open my heart to the man I love. Moreover, I am educated in different fields, humble, down to earth, compassionate, and I belong to a great family. I am healthy, strong, and amazingly energetic. I am conscious with my diet and the activities I am engaged in. As a ballroom dancer, I love Latin music, and dances. I enjoy walking, dining out and Facebook as my means of sharing and helping people. I am a very flexible woman so I can easily accommodate the interests of my man. I love God so I always do my best when I go to church. My goal in life is, Love of God, the best relationship anyone can ever have, Love of my future husband and family, and service to humanity.