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60 year old with Corinary Arterial Disease.

Can’t get or stay erect.

But I still need contact and my gf/ caretaker doesn’t  do sex at all we make a great couple but I feel the craving of a man inside me.

I am a survivor of family forced back when I was 6 – 13. Read it was a sin in a Bible class and asked the Sunday school teacher and he had me for a special session and I do mean  Had Me!

I never spoke a word of it but when I was 17, I  had a 18yr old friend stay over and I purposely rubbed my behind until he was erect and made him finish inside me.

He never stayed over or talked much to me after that.

Then I stuck to women after that. I was married June 7th 1985. I roamed St.Pete while visiting my sister and purposely tease old men until they would grab and force themselves while I reluctantly resisted. This was back in late 80s-90s.

Since then I was the good husband, father until wife got into drugs and we divorced in 04.

Since then I’ve never been able to keep an erection and it keep getting shorter and shorter until now. I’ve got to get it to orgasm while soft.